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Nature in action — hawk eats pigeon in back yard

You don’t have to watch the Discovery Channel to see nature in action. Jade sent us pictures of a hawk that attacked and ate a pigeon in her neighbor’s backyard on Friday.

In the  residential backyard of one Phinney neighbor, on the 6000 block of Phinney Ave. near the zoo, a hawk caught a pigeon and feasted on it for about 20 minutes before attempting, without success, to fly off with it twice…We think it’s a Cooper’s Hawk, and it’s banded blue on one leg and silver on the other. Fortunately, other neighbors’ backyard chickens were spared. This hawk is welcome to come back and take as many pigeons as it wants.

Has anyone else seen hawks or other birds attacking pigeons around the neighborhood?
Here’s the hawk sitting on the fence.

And if you don’t want to see a more graphic picture of the hawk feasting, don’t click Read More.