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Night Out block parties and Greenwoodstock music fest next Tuesday

The annual Night Out Against Crime is next Tuesday, and we know many folks in the neighborhood are planning block parties to celebrate and get to know their neighbors better. Send us your photos after your block party and we’ll post a compilation.
The 6th annual Greenwoodstock free neighborhood music fest is held on the same night as Night Out, from 5-9:30 p.m. at “Our Park” at the corner of 6th Avenue Northwest and Northwest 76th Street. The block between 76th and 77th will be closed to traffic.

Painting by Greenwood artist Stephen McClelland. Poster graphics by Greenwood designer Lisa Anderson.

Bring along your beach blanket or folding chairs for an evening of fun together. The event is family, kids, neighbor and pet friendly. Don’t forget your applause, smiles, and tips for the bands that have offered up their time and talents.
It is Night Out Against Crime/Block Party Night so bring your whole block party along. The first two hours are intentionally quieter so block parties can come and represent and still have a chance to meet and talk with their neighbors. Show up with your own block banner like at the Olympic Opening Ceremony if you like.

The schedule:
5-6 p.m.: Gathering and chatting time, music by DJ DR. B. Neighbor and caterer Tiberio Simone will be making pizzas on the grill again.
6-7 p.m.: Bar Tabac – “Picture yourself magically transported and sitting in a Paris Bistro with a wineglass in hand listening to Gypsy Jazz, Tango, and Dub with the ghost of Django Reinhart playing along. This wonderful band features players from Bellingham and Seattle. Jonathan Sampson on acoustic electric guitar and trombone; Carrie Robinson – acoustic guitar; Aaron Harmonson – upright bass; Terry Wergeland on accordion and trumpet; and Andy Piper as percussionist using a suitcase, snare drum and washboard.”
7-8 p.m. Sweet Secrets – “Sweet Secrets is a fun family-friendly all-ages Seattle rock band. They have a pleasant warm tone that envelopes and inspires the listener to absorb their unique lyrics. They describe themselves as Seattle indie-pop for smart sexy people like you. They kindly offer all their music for free download on their website. Featuring Roger Lloyd’s great vocals, electric guitar and sexy shaved head; Eric Severtson’s warm lead guitar and effects that remind me of Jennifer Turner’s tone when she played on Natalie Merchant’s “Tigerlily” CD; Corrina MacFarlane’s lovely violin touches; Corey Knafeltz and Logan Bender’s super solid drum and bass support.”
8-9:30 p.m. Jeff Fielder and Black Market – “Black Market is like listening to a live double record set. They are a compilation band of some of the best musicians in Seattle. Their music can take off in any direction imaginable, so they are likely to knock your socks off! Jeff was the subject of the watercolor painting by Mareth Warren on last year’s Greenwoodstock poster. Here is your chance to see him rockin’ in person! Jeff Fielder on electric and acoustic guitar, Dobro and vocals (Sera Cahoone; Lindsay Fuller; Mark Lanegan/Isobel Campbell band); Andrew McKeag on electric guitar and vocals (The Presidents of the United States of America; 70 Proof; Shuggie); Ty Bailie on Hammond B3 organ and keyboards (Paul Allen Band; Dept of Energy; The Glass Notes; Davy Knowles Band); Kevin Sweeney on vocals (The Flying Nuns); Sean Divine on harmonica and vocals (Jelly Rollers; Jeff Fielder); Andy Stoller on bass (Traci Chapman; Chuck Prophet; Pete Droge); Mike Musburger on drums (Fastbacks, Posies, Thee Sgt Major III; Mark Pickerel and the Praying Hands); Perry Morgan on drums (Souvenirs, Glass Notes, Gary Reynolds; Lost Dogma).