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Fire Station 21 moving to temporary digs Tuesday

Tomorrow is moving day for the Defenders of Greenwood. Fire Station 21 is officially moving from 7304 Greenwood Ave. N. to 6802 Greenwood Ave. N. around 9 a.m. Tuesday.
Firefighters will spend about one year working out of the temporary space, with trailers for living quarters and a large tent for Engine 21.

Project Manager Rich Hennings says the firefighters getting off their 24-hour shift Tuesday morning will bring their gear over to the new fire station. Professional movers will move the rest. Hennings says Engine 21 may be out of service very briefly during the changeover, but nearby stations would cover it. “For the most part they pretty much stay in service,” Hennings said.
The chain link fence will remain around the temporary site for security. A wireless doorbell on the gate is available for anyone needing to contact the firefighters. They will still be available for routine blood pressure checks.
As for the old station, old fuel tanks need to be taken out before construction begins. Some of the building will be salvaged by Second Use. A fence will go up around the old site probably next week as work begins. The old station will be demolished and replaced by a 8,576-square-foot, two-story station with more space for firefighters and their equipment.