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Zoo’s Jungle Party raises $1.7 million

The Woodland Park Zoo’s 34th annual Jungle Party fundraiser last Friday brought in $1.7 million, exceeding its goal by $300,000. The money will be used for animal care, education programs, and world-wide conservation efforts.

Photo by Ryan Hawk, Woodland Park Zoo.

A record-breaking $832,000 was raised among the $1.7 million for this year’s Fund-Our Future: Animal Care. “These critical Fund-Our-Future dollars will help us support the zoo’s exceptional animal and veterinary care and exhibit upgrades. These funds will help advance some important initiatives including modernizing all animal diets, keeping pace with technologically advanced medical equipment, and partnering with other communities around the world to help prevent animal to human emergent disease,” said Co-Chair Rick Alvord, a member of the zoo’s Board of Directors. “We are very, very grateful to these patrons who raised their paddles to make animal and veterinary care a priority at the zoo.”
A few live action items ignited some friendly bidding wars: a safari to Kenya sold for $21,000; a day with the zoo’s veterinarians sold twice at $8,500 each; a gourmet dinner with the zoo’s gorillas hosted by Co-Chairs Rick and Nancy Alvord also sold twice at $8,000 apiece.