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Celebrate moon landing anniversary at 826 Seattle

826 Seattle/Greenwood Space Travel & Supply Company at 8414 Greenwood Ave. N. is hosting a party from 12-2 p.m. on Saturday to celebrate the 41st anniversary of the moon landing.

The party will feature many cosmos themed festivities including a “Fake your own moon landing with Captain T. McGillicuddy” photo opportunity. There, attendants will have the chance to join the lofty ranks of Armstrong and Aldrin by posing heroically in front of a reenacted lunar landing backdrop.
Additionally, the event will mark the unveiling of the 826 Seattle World Wide Telescope, where kids of all ages can get a unique view of the universe. The lunar theme of the celebration will inspire the refreshments as well, with free delicious chocolaty crème-filled Moon Pies available in abundance. Newly released moon t-shirts and posters will also be available for purchase in the Space Travel Supply Store.
826 Seattle, a non-profit youth writing center in the Greenwood neighborhood, has long been a stalwart of intergalactic involvement in the neighborhood. When not hosting events such as the Moon Landing Anniversary party, or the annual springtime “Pluto is a Planet!” protest march, it offers free writing workshops to young authors, field trips for Seattle area school children, and is an afternoon drop-in tutoring center during the school year.