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Councilmember wants your unwanted phone books

Seattle City Councilmember Mike O’Brien is collecting your unwanted phone books to make a point with phone companies who distribute several pounds’ worth of phone books to every home, apartment and business each year. With smartphones and the Internet, many people don’t use old-fashioned phone books anymore.
Our sister site, My Wallingford, reports that O’Brien is meeting with a Dex lobbyist tomorrow, and people are welcome to drop off unwanted phone books until tomorrow at O’Brien’s office on the 2nd floor of City Hall, 600 4th Ave. Just give any books to the receptionist.
From Councilmember O’Brien’s website:

So what do we do next? I’ve decided to take up a collection. If you receive unwanted phone books, I encourage you to bring them down to city hall and drop them off for my office, and I will store them here as we ponder what to do next. It would be even better if you attached a brief story about your unwanted phone books: Do you not use Yellow Pages at all? Do you use Yellow Pages, but feel you can go without multiple copies? Do you have a favorite brand? What steps have you taken previously to stop receiving phonebooks and did it work? Or maybe you feel the existing phonebook system works well for you?