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Arson-delayed play to finally premiere at Taproot

“Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Christmas Carol” was supposed to have its world premiere last fall at Taproot Theatre. But the production was postponed after an arsonist destroyed the adjacent building and heavily damaged the theater on Oct. 23.
Now, “Sherlock Holmes” will finally premiere at Taproot in November. Tickets go on sale to the public on Oct. 5; 2010 subscribers can preorder tickets with their 2010 subscription renewal.

The original cast from the planned 2009 production returns for this world premiere. Terry Moore takes the stage as our hero, Sherlock Holmes, joined by David Dorrian, Aaron Lamb, Pam Nolte, Jesse Notehelfer, Eric Riedmann and Alex Robertson. Steve Grenley joins the cast as Watson.
These then are the facts: The year, 1894. The date, Christmas Eve. The location, 221B Baker Street. After being presumed dead for three years, a hardened Sherlock Holmes resurfaces, turning his back on the people who need him most. Three unexpected callers arrive on Christmas Eve uncovering clues from the detective’s past, present and future. Can they save Holmes and his world from a dire end? They must “do it all in one night” to accomplish the task.

Playwright John Longenbaugh and actor Terry Edward Moore. Photo by Erik Stuhaug.