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Scenes from the Greenwood Car Show

Here’s some video of the Greenwood Car Show attended by thousands of people today. We’ve also got some photos posted below.

The show went until 4 p.m. and was expected to draw roughly 20,000 people to the neighborhood.

Cars ranged from highly polished vehicles you’d see in a ZZ Top video…

…to this rusty roadster.

For those looking for something different, there were buses,

and Greyhounds of a different stripe from Royal Hounds Greyhound Adoption.

Many parents gave their kids a break from the walking in the Kids Zone.

This car came from the Tacoma-based LeMay Car Museum collection.

Here’s a 1950 Mercury named Louie Louie.

We didn’t get the name of this one, but the flames sure were eye-catching.

We thought it was kind of appropriate to see a green Woody in Greenwood:

Cars ranged from rusty oldsters to this futuristic one:

This 1913 Cadillac Phaeton drew lots of looks.