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Women’s clothing boutique moving into Fini condos

The last of the three retail spots on the first floor of the Fini condos at Greenwood Avenue North and N. 68th St. has finally been leased. Tarah Jade, a mostly women’s clothing store, hopes to open in about two weeks.

Co-owner Deborah Stone says Tarah Jade is named for the daughter of her business partner, Shawna Risnes, and will be the store’s second location. The original Tarah Jade is still in La Quinta, CA. Stone, who grew up in Seattle, met Risnes years ago in La Quinta.
“I met her because I was shopping,” Stone says. “Our daughters were little twins with one another. So we had play dates. So when I moved up here she said she’d sure like to have a store up here.”
Stone said the store will primarily have women’s clothing, but will have some “mini me” outfits for mothers and daughters and fathers and sons, as well as jewelry. “We’ll have very comfy, fun dresses, and transitional wear that you can wear to yoga in the morning then dress up a little to go out later.”
She says they plan to fill up every inch of the 755 square feet of space. Fourteen-foot tall ceilings make the space seem larger. It will be painted in neutral tones “with an Asian-ish vibe.” She’s also having an artist create some original artwork on the walls. Their motto is “Great style, good friends.” Prices will be in the $25 to $80 range.
“Shawna has been in business for 25 years in the Palm Springs area, so we actually end up with better prices for better quality because of her connections in the business world,” Stone says.
Stone has four children, so the store will be family friendly. “Our kids will be in the store quite often, so it’s a kid-friendly and dog-friendly store.”
Risnes will spend the summer here in Seattle helping to get the store up and running. Their website is not up yet, but if you’d like to contact Tarah Jade, you can email Stone or call 206-289-0332.
Stone says they chose the location because neighbors and other business owners were so nice and helpful, especially Jenny and Anson Klock, who own neighboring Picnic.
“They’re the nicest folks. One of the reasons we ended up there is because of the warm welcome we received there,” Stone says. “They really were the tipping point in getting us to take that space.”