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Thief steals Green Bean contractor’s truck, tools

The Green Bean officially got its building permits yesterday to remodel the old McDonald’s site on Greenwood Avenue into a new coffee shop. So contractor John Eidson parked his big gray truck behind the building and got to work.
A short time later, he found his truck was gone, along with all his tools.
“It’s just stuff, I got insurance, so I’ll be okay, it’s just aggravating,” Eidson says. “We’re trying to still open by the 26th. I went to Home Depot this morning and bought what I need for today.”

He says he left the truck unlocked, because on a construction site, he’s running back and forth to his truck constantly. Eidson thinks someone may have been rooting around in there for change and found his spare key.
The truck is a Ford F250 pick up, license A70302Z. “It’s just a big gray Ford pickup truck, sits really high up off the ground. It’s not a Seattle vehicle,” he says with a laugh. “I don’t think anyone got too far. It’s a gas guzzler, it only gets eight miles to the gallon.”
Thanks to Ben at AuroraSeattle for the tip!