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Fatty’s Pizzeria bringing New York style to Greenwood

A New York style pizzeria will open tomorrow in the spot that used to house Pizza Passion and Absolute Pizza at 10410 Greenwood Ave. N.
Fatty’s Corner Pizzeria is owned by two New York guys who are fairly recent Seattle transplants. George Coromilas and Tom Miltenberger (who goes by his nickname, Moose Man), grew up eating and working in New York pizzerias. Coromilas moved to Seattle about five years ago, and his buddy Moose Man followed a couple of years later.
Coromilas lived in Greenwood when he first moved to Seattle, but now lives in West Seattle.
“I do miss Greenwood and I was just looking for an opportunity,” Coromilas says of opening a pizza joint in his old neighborhood. “Thought it was a good opportunity to live the dream.”
The dream of owning a pizzeria is one the two men have long shared. They talked about it incessantly until one day they decided to take the plunge. And they knew they wanted it to be a true New York style pizzeria.
“There are a lot of people who advertise New York pizza, and it’s not. Or they call themselves a pizzeria, but it’s just a restaurant,” he says.
New York style is thin, hand-tossed crust with very flavorful sauces and cheese, and it’s cooked in a brick deck oven.
Coromilas says a true pizzeria is a sort of help-yourself kind of a place. You walk up to the counter and place your order, get your own napkins and silverware, and then wait for your pie. There is no waitstaff. The owner is likely the same person cooking your pizza or ringing you up at the register.
Moose Man is the chef and main guy at the restaurant. Coromilas has a day job as director of sales at the Kirkland Courtyard Marriott, so he won’t be at Fatty’s full-time, but he’ll concentrate on advertising and marketing the restaurant. He does plan on being there as much as possible.
“We will deliver. We love takeout because we love to meet our customers in our store so they can take in the atmosphere of what a New York pizzeria is and should be,” he says. “We want to meet our customers.”
Coromilas says they didn’t want to name the restaurant after themselves, and they didn’t want the stereotypical image of an Italian guy with a mustache. So they created a character – Fatty – that seemed like a jovial neighborhood guy you’d want to hang out and eat pizza with.