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2 neighborhood authors have new books

Phinney resident and chef Tamara Murphy just published her first book, “Tender: farmers, cooks, eaters,” which focuses on supporting farmers, farmers’ markets and local eating. Murphy is the owner and chef of Brasa and Elliot Bay Café and winner of the prestigious James Beard award in 1995.

A real force in the national culinary community, Tamara has traveled the country to share the important message of local sustainable food. Regionally, she has created events such as An Incredible Feast – Where the Farmer’s are the Stars (pairing farmers and chefs to raise awareness and funds for local family farms), The Good Farmer Fund (to help local farmers gain direct access to emergency funding during crop or farm loss due to disastrous events), and Burning Beast (where chefs come together in a creative setting to raise awareness for local farmers). TENDER explores simple ways to enjoy eating, cooking and choosing our food.

Neighborhood photographer David Chui published his first book, “Journey of an Apple: From Lake Chelan to Hong Kong,” which is available at Santoro’s Books in Phinney Ridge.

A one-of-a-kind look behind-the-scenes at the twists and turns of growing and shipping our state’s signature fruit, Journey of an Apple features 105 color photographs and profiles the colorful people and locations responsible for bringing Washington apples to a hungry world.
Spanning the seasons, and shot over several years on two continents, the book is both an informal look at the intricacies of modern agribusiness and an immigrant’s personal quest to reconcile his native Hong Kong with a new life in the Pacific Northwest. Employed in the produce industry for 14 years, Chui has a light-hearted touch and puts a very human face on global trade.