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Lost injured cat on Phinney

Patty is desperately searching for her injured cat, which got out of the house last weekend.

Our beloved cat Henry is lost and we’re despairing! The poor little guy was injured a few weeks ago (we think hit by a car) and has been rehabilitating at home after a surgery. He’s been doing better but is in NO way a candidate to be outdoors. Unfortunately, he made the great escape Saturday morning (May 8 ) and we haven’t seen him or heard word about him since.
Henry is a shorthaired, mostly black cat with white belly and paw markings and green eyes. He had an abdominal surgery so has a healing incision on his belly and shaved forelegs. Underweight due to recent calamity. He is very timid and may run (awkwardly) if approached. He does not have his collar on.
(This is a picture of Frankie, Henry’s nearly identical brother. The white blaze between Henry’s eyes is less distinct. He is also distinguishable due to his shaved forelegs and abdomen.)
Last seen: May 8 at 11:00 AM (70th St. and Linden Ave.) Call Patty day or night: (206) 818-2318.