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The Greenwood sidewalk promise: myth or fact?

The Seattle P.I.’s “Getting There” column today has an interesting article on the long-standing idea that Greenwood was promised sidewalks when the city of Seattle annexed it back in 1953. Reporter Scott Gutierrez says he’s poured over plenty of documents, and can’t find that promise codified anywhere.
The only mention that could relate to sidewalks was in a 1953 Seattle P.I. story that mentions “improved street maintenance.” Read the full article here.
Meanwhile, a group of Greenwood neighbors received a $100,000 city grant to work on adding sidewalks to the neighborhood. As we told you about last week, the Greenwood Streetscapes group is hosting an open house next Tuesday, May 18, from 6:15-9 p.m. at the Greenwood Library.
Members of the group will explain the online mapping tool they’ll use to figure out which areas need sidewalks, and explain different kinds of “streetscapes” that include sidewalks, plantings, and other traffic mitigation ideas.