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Backyard Cottage Design Challenge Showcase coming to Phinney

Now that Seattle allows backyard cottages as an alternative living arrangement, you might have some questions about how to go about building one. The Backyard Cottage Design Challenge Showcase by Method Homes and Infiniti RED (a Seattle-based real estate and consulting firm with an emphasis on next generation efficient green housing) aims to help you out. The free event starts at 5:30 p.m. on Monday, May 24, at SPACE: A Design Build Collective, 7601 Greenwood Ave. N.

This event will showcase the work of over 35 local architects and designers who are combining good design with livability and sustainability. Event goers will have the opportunity to view all design challenge entries, meet the designers, participate in the awards ceremony, and enjoy food and drink. Design challenge winners will be selected by a jury of public and professional designers.
Awards will be given for the following 5 categories:
1. Overall Best Design
2. Honorable Mention for Overall Best Design
3. Most Innovative
4. Most Sustainable
5. Most Adaptable (to different sites and programs)
Backyard cottages can be built on city lots over 4000sf and are a more sustainable infill option for adding density to the urban landscape. Many homeowners are now exploring constructing these for additional income, extended family or downsizing. We encourage those interested to come & meet the top designers of Seattle’s backyard cottages.