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Reasons to feel good about living in PhinneyWood

LizabethC recently commented in the forum about why she loves living in PhinneyWood.

I love the way the air smells in the winter and how I can look to the west and see the Olympic Mtns and to the east and see the Cascades from my front porch…It feels good being here…

The sentiment apparently caught on, with several others chiming in as well. Sezdog adds,

..being able to smell the ocean some mornings
seeing so many lovely gardens when I walk the dog…

And then there’s Let’s Get Real, who says,

I love my neighbors: left, right, front, and back. They are all different but wonderful in so many ways! I can’t imagine living on a cul-de-sac in Kirkland.

You can see the complete thread and add your thoughts here.