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Taoist Studies Institute showing rare exhibit on Chinese zither

The Taoist Studies Institute in Phinney Ridge is showing a rare exhibit on the ancient Chinese zither.
“Way of the Qin – Guqin and Nourishing Life: An Exhibition on the Ancient Chinese Zither” features more than 50 items illustrating Chinese culture and philosophy. The exhibit is open from 1-5 p.m. every Saturday and Sunday through Oct. 24, at 225 N. 70th St. The exhibit is free, but donations are welcome.

The Qin, now commonly known as Guqin -Ancient Zither- has been played in China for over two thousand years. A common theme in Chinese painting, poetry and literature, the Guqin is an integral part of Chinese culture and is one of the most refined of the arts of the Chinese scholar. Known as the ‘instrument of sages’, from ancient times the Qin has been used as a medium of cultivation and nourishing life. The instrument is designed according to cosmic principles and made from materials chosen to enhance its ability to resonate with nature and touch the heart. It is the first of the four arts of the Chinese scholar: Qin, Qi (a game best known in the west by the Japanese name Go), Calligraphy and Painting. A Chinese scholar’s studio was not complete without a Qin or a representation of a Qin.
The Way of the Qin exhibition will be accompanied by an array of public programs that focus on Chinese and Taoist culture. These will include lectures, multi-media programs, concerts performed on the Guqin and workshops on calligraphy, painting and qigong.