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Fire investigators who caught suspected Greenwood arsonist to be honored

The two Seattle Fire Investigators who caught suspected Greenwood arsonist Kevin Swalwell will be honored Friday night at the Seattle Fire Department Promotions and Awards Night celebration.

Fire Investigators Jim Berger and Steve Olson – Honored with a Meritorious Service Award for their role in the apprehension of a serial arsonist who terrorized the Greenwood neighborhood for months. In the early morning hours of November 13, 2009, Berger and Olson were patrolling Greenwood in an unmarked vehicle when they heard Seattle Fire units called to assist with a large fire in Shoreline. They drove towards the fire and spotted a person of interest watching the fire from a bus stop. They called in Seattle Police, who arrested the man. He later confessed to setting 10 fires in the Greenwood area.