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Census forms due today

If you’ve been procrastinating on sending in your 2010 Census Form, today is your absolutely very last day to mail it in. Next week, the U.S. Census Bureau will begin to compile the address lists and maps of households that have failed to send back their census forms.

It costs taxpayers the price of a postage stamp to mail back the postage-paid census form, but it costs $57 to recruit, hire, train and send a census worker out to collect information from the same 10-simple questions for each & every non-responding household.
Next week…approximately 800,000 census workers will fan out across the nation to collect information from an estimated 48 million households beginning May 1. In some areas, this door-knocking operation may begin as early as April 29.
Completing and mailing back the census forms now will not only save taxpayers up to $60 per house, but also a census taker knocking on their doors – an interruption of their quality time.