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PlayMatters converting from play place to preschool

PlayMatters at 7720 Greenwood Ave. N. will be converting from a drop-in play center to a morning preschool starting in the fall. Owner and preschool teacher Sally Cote says she’ll also have a mid-day Summer Learning Camp.
Next Wednesday, April 21, she’s inviting interested parents to an open house to check out the space and her program. Doors will be open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Parents can come any time during that time to catch a glimpse of my teaching style. There will be hand outs, time for Q&A and even the ability to sign up for either or both programs.
I am really big on teaching about local community, individualizing learning to match the child’s needs and abilities while keeping with the curriculum. My lessons are child centered, hands on, and holistic. I teach children to be problem solvers and thinkers, in a safe, comforting and nurturing environment. The goal is to get them ready to go for Kindergarten and give them life skills that are necessary for life.

Being potty-trained is not required to attend the preschool. For more information, call 206-784-2700.