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Help stencil storm drains around Sandel Park

Join a group of Sandel Park neighbors to stencil storm drains in honor of Earth Day this Saturday. The Carkeek Watershed Community Action Project wants to stencil every storm drain that leads to Piper’s Creek.

Fact: There are over 100 storm drains on the streets of Greenwood, Broadview, Blue Ridge and Crown Hill.
Fact: Each of these storm drains leads to Piper’s Creek and Piper’s Creek drains to Puget Sound.
Fact: Runoff from roads contributes millions of gallons of oil to Puget Sound every year.
Fact: Studies show that marking storm drains with the message “Dump No Waste, Drains to Stream” doubles community awareness.

Join a group of neighbors at 9 a.m. at Sanel Park, at 9053 1st Ave. N.W., to stencil all the surrounding drains. Bring your own coffee mug; they’ll provide coffee.

This would be a great project for kids, too. With a short lesson on where the rain goes and how pollution on the street gets washed into the salmon’s home, kids could feel a great sense of accomplishment knowing they are helping by painting! So join us in the morning before the day gets too busy. Meet some neighbors, get a morning walk and make a difference.