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Local teacher wants students to get their hands dirty

Phinney resident Angela Blemker teaches kindergarten at Green Lake School, and her mantra is “teach dirty,” as in getting your hands dirty in the great outdoors.

(Photo courtesy of Angela Blemker.)
Starting April 11, Blemker will take her educational philosophy to Halifax, Nova Scotia, for an educator fellowship.

Blemker will use satellite and Internet technology to connect “Live from the Field” to her classroom and community. Blemker will join Earthwatch Institute’s Mammals of Nova Scotia expedition for two weeks as a member of a research team consisting of scientists and volunteers determined to collect data and answer the most pressing issues related to climate change.
Blemker is looking forward to bringing all that she has learned back to her classroom. “I aim to teach my students through experiences and this is the perfect opportunity to take them on an International field trip without having to apply for passports.“ Children and adults are invited to follow her adventure on her expedition blog.