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Phinney musician to open for Indigo Girls

Michael Connolly, owner of Empty Sea Studios at 6300 Phinney Ave. N., is an accomplished musician on a number of different instruments. Now he’s taking his talents on the road to open for the Indigo Girls. Connolly is joining with duo Coyote Grace to open for Indigo Girls tomorrow in Oregon, then continuing on to Nevada and California through the weekend.
Connolly and Coyote Grace opened for the Indigo Girls two years ago at their Woodland Park Zoo concert, after the Girls were given a Coyote Grace CD by a friend.
That’s Michael on the left, with Ingrid Elizabeth and Joe Stevens of Coyote Grace.

(Photo courtesy of Michael Connolly.)
“For Joe Stevens…The Indigo Girls were the official soundtrack to his childhood and learning how to play guitar, so to hear one of them tell Joe that she loved his songwriting was pretty amazing!” Connolly says. “Ingrid, Joe and I are all very excited to get to share stages with the Indigo Girls and expose our music to a much wider audience! And this just in – we were also asked to play three songs with them on their set!”