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Restaurant news

Stumbling Goat Bistro got a nice review recently from Seattle Magazine. The reviewer loved the champagne-curry mussels and the hangar steak, and was pleased that the new owners are sticking to the restaurant’s theme of local ingredients.
Picnic (a PhinneyWood sponsor) is starting up a monthly wine club. The club features six bottles per month: four of the best from Picnic’s weekly wine tastings, plus one favorite each from co-owners Jenny and Anson Klock. They’re working on creating different levels of the program for people who need fewer bottles per month. Club members also receive 10 percent discount on all wine purchases, 15 percent case discounts, and half-off the weekly wine tastings. Sign up here.
T.M. Dessert Works at 6116 Phinney Ave. N. offers a packed pastry case to the public from Thursday through Saturday. They’re generally in the kitchen creating cakes and specialty desserts for special occasions, but decided last spring to offer cookies and other individually portioned treats to the masses three days a week.
If you know other restaurants in the neighborhood that have recently received some good press or are doing something new and exciting, please put a comment below.