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Crime roundup

Here’s a little roundup of crime reports we’ve received in the last couple of days.

  • Julie reports that several garbage cans were rifled this morning on NW 87th between 6th and 8th NW. Lids were removed and garbage strewn all around.
  • Nyasha reports that someone broke into his vehicle Monday night at 86th and 6th. They rifled through papers in the glove compartment and took an iPod. The car was on the street. The windows were not broken and for some reason the alarm didn’t go off.
  • Jennifer reports that early Monday morning, someone broke into her minivan and stole the stereo. The car was parked in front of their house on Greenwood and 59th. The alarm went off but the thief got away. They reported it to the police, who took the report over the phone.

So, here’s a question for PhinneyWood readers. Some people complain that we write about crime too often, while others complain that we don’t cover every incident. How would you like to see smaller crimes like this reported on PhinneyWood? Should we do a weekly roundup? Should we dedicate a special Forum listing just for crime? What ideas do you have for better crime reporting?