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‘Brooklyn Boy’ at Taproot Theatre begins March 19

Taproot Theatre’s latest production, “Brooklyn Boy,” begins March 19. It tells the story of middle-aged novelist Eric Weiss.

In Brooklyn Boy, Eric finally starts to come of age—a couple decades too late. He’s finally made it big with a best seller and a shot at a Hollywood film, but then an inconvenient phone call brings him back to the Brooklyn neighborhood he grew up in and happily left behind. Witty and deeply touching, this story of growing up, coming home and making sense of it all is sure to warm your heart.

(Jeff Berryman and Lisa Peretti. Photo by Erik Stuhaug.)
Playwright Donald Margulies won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 2000 for his play “Dinner with Friends.” “Brooklyn Boy” is directed by Taproot Associate Artistic Director Karen Lund.

“Comedy runs through the play, but it’s also a heartfelt story about returning home and rediscovering one’s roots, and realizing how much the past has shaped who you are today, whether you like it or not,” said Lund. “And who can’t relate to that? At the same time it’s an examination of success and self‐worth, acceptance—or lack thereof—and what defines all these things.”

(Jeff Berryman and Alex Robertson. Photo by Erik Stuhaug.)
“Brooklyn Boy” runs March 19 through April 17, with low‐price previews on March 17 and 18, plus a pay‐what‐you‐can performance on March 24.