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Report potholes, graffiti and more

Thanks to audience feedback, we’re expanding what started out as a graffiti reporting map to now include the opportunity for you to report potholes, burned out streetlights, problems with signs, broken sidewalks and other public infrastructure issues that the city of Seattle says can be fixed in short order.

Report issues to the city using the links and phone numbers you’ll find on the map page. Then tag the map with your report. When the issue is resolved, update it on the map. The aim of this tool is to highlight local issues and the city’s responsiveness in addressing these concerns.

According to the city, it’s their goal to have potholes repaired in two business days, burned out streetlights fixed in 10 business days and graffiti removed from private property in 10 days after the owner has been contacted. The map can be used to see how well the city is doing at meeting those goals.

If you have any feedback on the map, post a comment, or send us a note at [email protected]. We’re also looking for a more catchy name for this service, so share your ideas.