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2-car accident at 8th Ave NW and NW 75th

A two-car collision on 8th Avenue Northwest at NW 75th Street at about 5:30 a.m. temporarily blocked traffic while police investigated. An initial report that three cars were involved was incorrect.

According to police and one person involved in the accident, a Geo Metro ran the stop sign on NW 75th Street and got T-boned by a Ford F150 pickup truck heading south on 8th Avenue NW. Paramedics took the woman to the hospital with non-lifethreatening injuries, police said.

“I was just going down the street. The lady never stopped. She never even slowed down,” said the visibly shaken pickup driver. “I’m alright. It just scared me, with her,” he said, fearing she had been more seriously injured.

The dark green Geo Metro ended up on the east side of 8th facing the opposite direction.

Don, who lives nearby, said he heard a “screech and a whoomp” at about 5:30 a.m. and ran outside with his camera. You can find a link to his picture in comments. “The woman was still in the car and talking, but it sounded like she was in pain. As I was leaving two police cars and a fire engine were on the scene.”

If you also heard a news helicopter at about that time, that’s why it was over the area.