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Reviving the Summer Sounds of Sandel concerts

Several years ago, Sandel Park held a summer evening concert series, every Sunday in August. Musicians were paid mainly by passing the hat through the audience. It was a lovely way to gather with neighbors, bring a picnic, and enjoy local musical groups.
But the shoe-string budget led to the concerts’ hiatus after four years, says Julie Howe Gwinn, one of the organizers.

The main reason we stopped holding the concerts is that our “sound guys”/owners/operators of all the sound equipment , my neighbors Tim and Phil Hanseroth, signed a record deal along with their lead singer Brandi Carlile, and took off to tour the world….and they are still going strong! (Their third album came out in October if you havent heard it yet.)
So we were left without the free use of equipment and expertise that enabled us to put on the concerts inexpensively and simply. So I thought I would throw this out into the world… Is anyone interested in helping get the concerts rolling again? We need someone with sound equipment and the committment to run it at each concert at no cost.
If you are interested or you know someone who has equipment and may be interested, shoot me an email [email protected].