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Meet Pickles, our first Pet of the Week

Update: Pickles has been adopted.
We’re starting a new feature here on PhinneyWood: Pet of the Week. Our sister site, Magnolia Voice, has been running a Pet of the Week feature for quite a while now and it’s very popular, so we thought we’d try it out.
This week’s featured pet is Pickles, from PAWS Cat City at 8503 Greenwood Ave. N.

(Photo by Erika Chang, Cat City volunteer.)

Pickles is a fun-loving girl with so much playful energy that you’d hardly guess she’s almost 8 years old! She is absolutely adorable with greenish/gold eyes that sparkle when you look her way. She has a wonderful zest for life and loves playing with toys, especially feather wands and laser pointers. She would really appreciate a home all to herself so she’ll be your main sidekick. She’s a free-spirited beauty and will capture your heart with her peaceful charm. Pickles is spayed, microchipped and up-to-date with her vaccines. She is on a special diet to help prevent urinary problems and comes with a detailed vet history from her previous owner. You can come visit Pickels at PAWS Cat City in Greenwood at 8503 Greenwood Ave N. Her adoption fee is $75.