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Corner Mart changing to 85th Street Market

As we told you about last week, the Corner Mart at NW 85th St. and 8th Ave. NW is changing hands. The building was actually purchased last April by Cannon Commercial Real Estate Services, but the tenant had a lease through the end of 2009.
Workers are now renovating the building. A couple of days ago the exterior was painted green.

Matt Herron of Cannon Commercial said a new awning should be going up today. They’re installing new flooring, electrical and all new exterior lighting that they hope will chase away the bad elements that formerly camped out around the building.
“I like to target buildings that are kind of an eyesore on the neighborhood,” Herron explained. “I really like to just clean them up. A lot of times people think of property owners as bad people because they come in and renovate a building and increase the rent and the rent is too expensive for neighborhood tenants. But this is a local business owner, and our rent is really affordable even with the renovations.”
That new renter is Chuck Shin, who says he will operate a nicer convenience store than was there before.
“Unlike the previous store, we’re not gonna sell porn and we’re not gonna sell malt liquor,” Shin said this morning. “We’re going to fit in in the neighborhood, we’re not going to stick out like a sore thumb. I want to feel welcome in the neighborhood and not looked down upon.”
He’s also changing the name to 85th Street Market.
This is Shin’s first store, and he says it will evolve as he finds out what the neighborhood wants. “We’re going to try it out and see what direction we need to go,” he said. “Within two weeks we’re going to have a very soft opening and then gear it towards a grand opening about a month later.”