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Recent crime roundup

Several readers have sent us notes in the last few days about crime in the neighborhood:

My husband and I have been awakened twice in the past two weeks to what vividly sounded like gunshots very early morning. It sounded like it was coming from somewhere between 85th/90th and Greenwood. Has anyone else heard this or know what we heard?

And this from last Thursday:

Certainly, the streets of Greenwood could do without the many nighttime disturbances. Last night at 2:00am, coincidentally the same hour as closing time for local bars, an aggressively loud voice shouted down the street “I’m not through with you” several times along with other incendiary phrases. This alcohol fueled voice was loud enough to wake my wife and I from our needed slumber. From out of our window we watched two youths, and by youths I mean two trouble making 30 year olds, slowing corralling another youth down the street. Challenges of a fight were made, the fight occurred, and the shouting continued. Police were pretty quick to get to the scene. In fact, there were 12 police cars at the scene at last count. Pretty interesting.
At around 5am were were awoken again by what sounded like 2 gunshots. Anybody else hear anything? 

 And someone sent this note on Sunday about N. 61st St. between Evanston and Dayton avenues:

Our car was rifled through at some point over night or this morning. It doesn’t look like anything was taken, but all of the compartments were open and everything taken out and strewn throughout the car. At the same time there is a guy sitting in a red car in front of our house and has been for over 20 minutes now! Not loving suspicious activity around here lately.