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Walgreens seeks liquor license

Walgreen Co. is applying for liquor licenses to sell beer and wine in at least 14 locations in Seattle, including the Greenwood store at 8701 Greenwood Ave. N and the Ballard store on the southwest corner of 15th Avenue NW and Market Street.

According to other media reports, including these here and here, Walgreens is applying for liquor licenses in many markets, aiming to create more of a one-stop shopping experience.  

We’ve left messages with a corporate spokesman and will provide more details when we get them.

The liquor license requests are part of a national rollout to provide additional convenience to Walgreens customers, Walgreens spokesman Robert Elfinger said.

“We’re basically responding to customer demand. Our customers want more of a one-stop shopping experience, where they can buy a range of products at one location,” Elfinger said.

A limited selection of alcohol will take up less than 2 percent of total shelf space in the stores.

“We’re going to be a drug store first and foremost,” Elfinger said. “There’s going to be no single servings, no 40 ounces, no minis, anything that’s conducive to alcohol abuse.”

It will be the store’s policy to card everyone who looks younger than 40 and employees will receive training on how to handle sales, Elfinger said. “We’re going to do this very safely and very responsibly.”