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Shop Agora donating money from TAG cards to Haiti earthquake victims

Many people and businesses around Seattle are collecting donations or holding fundraisers for the victims of Tuesday’s Haiti earthquake. Here in Phinney, The Shop Agora, at 6417-A Phinney Ave. N., will have a donation box set up in their shop this weekend for Doctors Without Borders.
They’ll also be donating 100 percent of the proceeds from sales of their TAG cards. Agoro co-owner Alexis Saloutos created TAG Cards as a kind of “pay it forward” campaign. The idea is to give one of the cards to anyone who displays the quality printed on that card – such as Love, Honesty, Hope, Integrity, Joy, etc. They can keep the card or pass it on to someone else, as in “tag, you’re it.”

She started selling TAG cards this August. This weekend, each TAG Card will be $1 and Alexis and her husband, Nikos Spiliopoulos, will donate all the money to Haiti earthquake relief.

Nikos and I have been thinking about what we can do to help those in Haiti. We would love to see the neighborhood come together to support people enduring desperate circumstances.