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Rash of car prowls on Phinney, backpack found

This morning we got a night from Mannfried about a rash of car prowls last night:

We are on Sycamore Ave. NW at 67th. Last night prowlers broke our car window to steal a gym bag and down the street they broke another window and stole a bag full of a teacher’s school work. Another person heard a group of people behind their house but they disappeared by the time he got dressed. There was another fellow walking by who stopped as we were cleaning up the mess and said that they pried his car open to steal property causing damage to the car in the process. The police were notified but of course can do nothing at this point. In recent past, I have also seen broken glass on 67th up by greenwood also. A friend of mine saw broken glass on her street too, 74th.

And we got this note on Sunday:

I found a backpack this morning in the street by the curb on the S.W. corner of 67th Ave. and Palatine Ave. N.The name on it is Miah Susie and contains emergency supplies (food, radio, stove, jumper cables etc.)

If you know the owner of this backpack, email us and we’ll get you in touch with the person who found it.