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Greenwood man wants to be The King

Greenwood resident Nathan Alidina will perform in Friday night’s Seattle Invitationals to declare a new King of Elvis tribute artists. This will be Alidina’s 10th year competing. According to a press release, he usually finishes around the top 10 (more than 20 compete), and his best finish was fifth place.
Here’s Alidina in his finest gold lame with Priscilla Presley, oops, we mean Priscilla Tribute Artist Marlow Harris.

Here is his description of how he first became interested in being Elvis:

This started way back in 1996, that was the year that my sister graduated from High School. I have this wild aunt in Colorado, she was a teenager when Elvis was at his peak (born in 1941), and has always had a soft spot for the King. She has always been my favorite aunt as she is outgoing and not afraid to “stand out” like me. So anyway, as my sister’s graduation was approaching, she started to goad me by saying what will we do to embarrass her at the graduation, and one day on a limb, I told her “If you provide me a suit, I will dress up as Elvis”, this was all it took, as in the coming months, my aunt decided that she wanted to partake in the fun, then she decided that it would be really fun if the entire family took part, so she ended up making 5 Las Vegas white Elvis Suits. Myself, my Aunt, My Mother, a Family Friend and my Cousin all came to the graduation dressed up as Elvis. We even choreographed a routine that we would do when my sister gave the sign. In addition, we put a sign on my grandmothers sweater that said “Elvis’s Mother”. It was a blast and in the end we had the entire Mercer Arena (where the Roosevelt Roughriders had their 1996 HS graduation), looking at us waiting to see what the “Elvii were going to do”.

The Seattle Invitationals start at 8 p.m. at Club Motor, 1950 First Ave. S. in SODO. Tickets are $12 in advance, $15 at the door. Ages 21 and over only. If anyone goes and gets pictures of him performing, please send them to us!