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An experiment in dealing with graffiti

A recent story about a start-up called SeeClickFix.com got us thinking about how we could use a service like theirs as a catalyst to help highlight and address community issues.

The recent spate of graffiti sparked the idea of creating a map that could be used to report graffiti sightings. If we can get decent information here, perhaps city officials and property owners will be motivated to more quickly take steps to clean up these signs of vandalism.

You can see the map here. If you see graffiti, mark down the address and enter it on the map. If you have a photo, even better. You’ll also find information on the page for reporting graffiti to the city, which we encourage you to do as well to be proactive and ensure the city is aware of it.

You can comment on reports, or mark them as closed once the graffiti is removed.

If you’re so motivated, please check it out. While this isn’t the biggest issue facing our neighborhoods, do you think this approach is at least worth trying? Have any ideas for improving on it, or for other ways we might be able to use something like this? You can post comments below, or you can always send us e-mail at [email protected]. Thanks for being a part of PhinneyWood!