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New year, same old crimes

Car crime is still happening with regularity around here. Shawna sent us a note this morning about her building’s parking garage being broken into:

I live at the Ridgemont Condo on 78th and Greenwood. Our secured underground garage was broken into Saturday night or Sunday morning, and three cars were vandalized. Some items were stolen but mostly the windows were shattered and the cars were rifled through. They stole our garage door opener (total pain, not to mention creepy!). 

And Eric tells us his car was broken into early Sunday morning:

I am writing to notify you guys that my car was just broken into on 71st and Linden (in front of my home). The car is an older Subaru Outback and the thiefs broke out the rear window and took items out of the back of the car (the items include a very large tan colored MSR tent, a red Salomon snowboard jacket, black snowboard pants, and various other snowboard equipment). It sounds like this happened between 5-8 this morning. I think this is a good reminder to other readers to keep their cars free of any loose items that could tempt a burglar.