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Phinney Center gets insulation upgrade

The Phinney Neighborhood Center is adding insulation to the walls of the Blue Building, and as part of the process they took infrared images of the inside of the walls Tuesday morning.
Brent Foster with Northwest Infrared LLC came up from Olympia with his equipment. The PNA’s Facilities Director Bill Fenimore said using infrared helped ensure that the wall insulation was complete, and also helped educate the contractor so they can provide an even better product for all their clients.
Fenimore sent us two photos of the process. Here’s Foster showing PNA Executive Director Ed Medeiros the infrared camera.

And here’s a contractor blowing the cellulose into the walls.
Now here’s an infrared image from the process, courtesy of Foster.

Here’s how Foster explained those dark blue spots.

What is visualized here is that lateral sheer wall bracing prevented insulation to be blown into all wall cavities primarily at the corners of the building in a few small areas. This insulation installation was performed very well and in a professional manner by the contractor and they should be commended. A little touch up with the help of infrared technology and your community center will have a fabulous end result.

And here’s a photo from Mike V as workers finish re-roofing the west side of the Brick Building.