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More packages stolen

Unfortunately, we’re getting more reports of packages stolen from people’s houses. Here’s one:

We left our house for a few hours this morning. We returned home and were here an hour or so when someone came to our door. He had found a box that was addressed to me on the street near 12th Ave N. The box was open and stuff strewn everywhere. He picked it all up and personally delivered the box to us. That is the good news, a good samaritan took the time to help us out.
The bad news is that USPS is showing the box as being delivered to our door and we talked to family and discovered another box that was supposed to arrive today also showed as delivered and is not here. There is no sign of that box. Someone came into our courtyard and took two boxes.
We live up near up on North Greenwood, near 105th. So, keep your eyes and ears open this holiday season. And perhaps consider having your boxes delivered to your work addresses next year.

Margaret writes that she has contacted all the people whose mail and packaging she found near her home a couple days ago:

I urge anyone who has had their mail stolen or packages pilfered to report it to the police as well as the shippers. In some cases, I’ve heard, that the company responsible for delivery can be held accountable if there was an expectation of signature or other delivery guideline in their company requirements.
Although the police seemed a bit disinterested I believe that it is still best to keep the reports coming in so they have a record of occurrences.
Maybe this is an opportunity to get to know your neighbors better too. Maybe there are people who can accept packages for each other during the holidays. We gotta look out for each other.

And Joe tells us someone rifled through his car last night, but didn’t take anything:

I live in Greenwood near Greenwood Park, and this morning my wife noticed my car’s interior light was on. I went outside to investigate and noticed the contents of my center console (receipts, pens, etc) were on my front car seat. I opened the trunk and saw that the contents (rollerblades, Frisbee, etc) had also been moved around. Also the rear passenger door was ajar (causing the interior light to be on).
The good news is that nothing was stolen. I must have forgotten to lock the car last night, and a passerby (who had to have tried opening multiple cars on our block) happened upon our unlocked car. The reason nothing was stolen, is because nothing of value was in the car. It’s been hard-wired in me to never leave anything of value in my car in any neighborhood, for any length of time, at any time of day in Seattle … even on Christmas eve.