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Beware putting outgoing mail out overnight

We just got this note from Mary, about someone stealing their outgoing mail.

Thought I’d drop a line about outgoing mail stolen from our mailbox last night–principally *all* our addressed and stamped Christmas cards, complete with personal notes to my loved ones. My husband put them out for the letter carrier last night before bed (we live at 68th and Phinney) and they were gone by the time we got up in the morning. Someone is clearly going through looking for money inside (they won’t find any). Aaargh! I’m trying to maintain a sense of humor about this, but there is something deeply disturbing about picturing our holiday newsletter, card w/picture of my children, etc, being pawed through by some lowlife.
Note to neighbors: do not put outgoing mail out for the letter carriers! Like everything else around our homes, it is being watched.