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The Ridge Celebration at 65th & Greenwood

Phinney resident Wendy Miller and her neighbors invite everyone to the first annual “The Ridge Celebration of Christmas” from 7-9 p.m. Saturday on the corner of N. 65th St. & Greenwood Ave. N.

Last winter when Seattle got LOTS of snow and the whole city shut down for days, people complained about it, but I think Phinney Ridge was one of the best places to be–sledding, walking, and meeting new neighbors. If you were around for it and happened to pass by 65th and Greenwood on one afternoon, you would have seen my roommates and me set up with a table on the corner serving hot cocoa and coffee to everyone. It was a random idea that I had that morning—and what a blessing it turned out to be! In the four years I’d lived on Phinney Ridge, I never interacted with so many neighbors as I did that afternoon.
It got me to thinking that wouldn’t it be great if we had another opportunity to do that without depending on snowstorms?
So, I decided to do something! Come on down to the corner of 65th and Greenwood for the Ridge Celebration of Christmas Sat, Dec 19 from 7-9pm. (We call our house “The Ridge”). We’ll be outside, have yummy treats, warm beverages, caroling, and a Living Nativity. I invite you to come, bundle up, and bring your friends and family! It would be great to meet you and celebrate the season with you.