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Join the Senior Center board of directors

The Greenwood Senior Center is looking for folks to join its Board of Directors.

Help set the direction of a dynamic program which directly affects our lives as we age. For more information and to apply contact Cecily Kaplan at [email protected] or Jeanne Barwick at [email protected]. People of all ages are encouraged to apply.

And the GSC just received some good news from King County. The Council voted to restore $20,000 to GSC and the Ballard Senior Center that had originally been cut in order to balance a huge budget gap.

Additional revenue in 2009 budget from lower than expected costs and federal and state reimbursements allowed the council to appropriate funding to some of the human services organizations that were cut in the 2010 budget.
Annually, the senior centers serve over 4,000 individuals aged fifty and up. They provide nutritional meals, physical activities, wellness and health screening services, social work support, and socialization activities for seniors.