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Beer truck crunches sedan on 85th this afternoon

A Budweiser beer truck hit a sedan head-on near N. 85th St. & Linden Ave. N. around 2:30 Monday afternoon. Susan sent us these pictures of the accident, and an account of what happened.

The driver of the truck, who gave his name as Tim, said he was driving up the hill in the west-bound lane when the sedan crossed over the line into his lane. “He came right at me! ” said the driver, “I thought maybe he wanted to commit suicide.”

When the vehicles collided, the sedan driver’s head smashed into the windshield. The truck driver said the other driver’s air-bags didn’t deploy because his car slid under the cab.

 According to the trucker, who was unhurt and not at fault, the other driver survived the crash. He was conscious, although bleeding from the head, and was taken to the hospital by an ambulance.
While we were standing at the corner of 85th & Linden, several fire trucks and police cars screamed past us toward Greenwood. The officer at the corner said two other accidents had just occurred – a rolled-over car, and another semi-truck/sedan head-on collision. Officers directed traffic off N. 85th onto side streets.

And David Liberty sent this picture of the scene too:

Thanks Susan and David!