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Neighborhood news roundup

We’re still catching up on a slew of information that’s come in to our inbox lately, so here’s a roundup:
Due to tough economic times, Woodland Park Zoo is laying off some staff and closing the Nocturnal House.

We understand how popular this indoor exhibit is to our millions of visitors and how many of you will be disappointed, for where else can you get up close with creatures of the night. However, budget constraints force us to operate with a smaller overall staff. After reviewing the entire zoo operation, we elected to close this exhibit. It is an older building that is expensive to operate, and we can move some of the animals to other exhibits in the zoo. Because this exhibit is our highest energy user, closing it will allow significant savings and help us to achieve our goals of sustainability and carbon reduction. Over the next few years, we will examine how to remodel and retrofit the building so that it can be operated efficiently.

The good news is you can catch many of the zoo’s animals celebrating the holidays at the zoo’s Winter Celebration, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Dec. 21-23 and Dec. 28-30.

Grizzlies, otters, elephants, and more will play with holiday-themed treats such as wreaths trimmed with fish or assorted fruit, evergreen trees with ornamental fruit or wrapped boxes containing favorite snacks.

(WPZ photo by Ryan Hawk.)
And the zoo’s 2010 Annual Plan is on their website, and awaiting public comments through Jan. 4.
8 Limbs Yoga opened in Phinney Ridge on Thanksgiving Day with a benefit class that raised $1,300 for Solid Ground. Owner Anne Phyfe Palmer tells us that 67 people worked out mat-to-mat on that first day. (8 Limbs Yoga is a PhinneyWood sponsor.)

A reminder to be careful driving through the neighborhood, especially around schools. Diana sent us a note today saying she saw a car run a red light at the intersection of Greenwood and 80th today. The driver was holding a cup of coffee and obviously in a hurry. There are always a lot of children around that intersection, as both Greenwood Elementary and St. John’s Catholic School are right there. So, please slow down.
The Ballard branch of HomeStreet Bank has dedicated its annual Giving Tree to the victims of the Greenwood arsons. The bank is collecting gifts from their wish lists. The branch is at 8050 15th Ave. NW.