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Spanish immersion preschool at PNA

A new Spanish immersion preschool is starting at the end of January at the Phinney Neighborhood Center.

The Phinney Cooperativa Preescolar en Español (PCPE) is designed to encourage the social, emotional, and physical growth of young children while developing cross-cultural awareness. This program is also intended to be a resource to support bilingual and Hispanic families in North Seattle.
The PCPE is designed for children, ages one to five, who speak Spanish either full-time or part-time at home with a family member. It will be divided into two classes: 1- and 2-year olds meeting once a week and 3- to 5-year olds meeting twice a week. The governance of the preschool comes from an advisory board made up of representatives from each of the classes.
Our goals are for our children to gain confidence and self-esteem by communicating in a Spanish-speaking environment as well as to develop a linguistic foundation in Spanish. We will encourage the sharing of traditions, values, and cultures of different Spanish-speaking communities through social events, fundraisers, and play-dates.

Classes will begin at the end of January, 2010, and will follow the Seattle Public Schools’ schedule. For more information, contact Rosa Urrutia, Registrar, at [email protected] or call 206-972-3127.