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Police want robbery, weapons charges against attempted carjacking suspects

SeattleCrime.com reports that police want robbery and weapons charges filed against two teens who were arrested for an attempted carjacking on the far eastern edge of Phinney Ridge last month.

On November 20th, a man told police he was getting out of his car at 70th Ave N and N Linden Street when two teens wearing hooded sweatshirts and bandannas over their faces approached him and demanded his car keys. One of them was armed with a knife, the report says.
The man tried to flag down passing motorists for help, the report says,”but they drove off.” The teens attacked the man, punching him in the face at least once. A motorist finally stopped to help, scaring off the teens, who fled towards Aurora.

Police apprehended the two teens a short time later. They had two knives on them.