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Things we’re thankful for

Despite the focus on football, stuffing ourselves silly and being bombarded by advertising for the Friday shopping madness (shop local, we say!), we wanted to make sure we set aside some time to mention some of the many things we’re thankful for:

  • Our growing readership. We’re overwhelmed by the growing number of people who tell us they read PhinneyWood and we’re blown away by the quality of comments, tips and feedback you supply. You’ve really helped steer the discussion in this community. Thank you.
  • Our local businesses. We’ve got a great mix of locally owned businesses here in our community, from restaurants and bars, to specialty shops and services. We encourage you to support them, because they add detail to the fabric of our community.
  • Our local services. From the Phinney Neighborhood Association, to the Greenwood Senior Center, GAIN, the Greenwood Community Council, the Greenwood Library, the Greenwood-Phinney Chamber of Commerce, Fire Station 21, the North Seattle Boys & Girls Club and others, these organizations are an integral part of what makes Greenwood and Phinney a desirable place to live. 
  • Our local sponsors. Their support is helping us to grow this into what we hope will someday make this “hobby” a sustainable business with a long future in the neighborhood. If you think what we’re doing is of value, please tell these businesses you appreciate what they’re doing by supporting them in turn.
  • Our community. You’ve pulled together in the face of a tough economy and a scary series of arsons. You staged nighttime walks and kept an eye out for your neighbors. We love living here in large part because of you.

We encourage you to share what you’re thankful for in comments.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Signed, Doree, Dale and Alex, a.ka., The PhinneyWood Kid