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Pedestrian vs. car safety

Susan would like to remind drivers to be extra cautious while driving on streets without sidewalks.

In the past few weeks I seem to continually be faced with morning drivers who refuse to move over the (non-existent) “center line” in order to allow me and my dogs some room on our daily walk. (I generally observe this on Dayton Av, and to a lesser degree on Evanston and the cross streets.) This is deeply disturbing, as it makes me feel my health and safety, and that of my dogs, is at risk each morning. It may be that regular drivers through the neighborhood are driving no differently than they do in the summer months, but I’m putting in a plea to all drivers to please give pedestrians some room, especially at this time of year, because:
1) We have no sidewalks. I would certainly use them if we did. I would love the safety of a sidewalk — and then I wouldn’t be in your way!
2) On summer/dry days it’s easy for pedestrians to move to what I’ll call the “shoulder” (*if* it’s not occupied by a car/ditch/bush as so many are) but on wet days we would more likely than not be stepping directly into a large pothole-puddle or slick patch of mud if we stepped onto the “shoulder”.
3) I’m sure dog walkers are not the only people experiencing this issue, and it must be a lot worse to be trying to push a stroller and/or walk a young child while avoiding drivers who don’t give way on one side and puddles/mud/parked cars on the other.
4) It’s scary when you don’t!