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PNA hires new executive director

The Phinney Neighborhood Association just announced they have hired a new executive director to replace Ed Medeiros, who is retiring in January.

The PNA Board of Directors is pleased to announce that they have just hired Lee Harper to replace Ed Medeiros as the new PNA Executive Director. Lee is currently the Executive Director of the Northshore Senior Center and was formerly Assistant Director of Solid Ground (previously the Fremont Public Association).
In applying for the position, Lee noted: “The PNA’s community building mission resonates deeply with me – creating community is one of my core values and it underlies everything that I do. It would be a privilege to work with the organization and for my community, realizing a dream from years ago to lead this vibrant organization into the future.”
Ed will be retiring at the end of January and Lee will join the staff in mid-January. Celebrate Ed and meet Lee at a fundraising roast on Jan. 10 and the annual membership meeting on Jan 23.